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Please include all this information with policy pages 1-3 and make sure all pages are signed and dated. Remember your  deposit is
non refundable.
Thank You.

Full name

Phone number's


Email address

Please circle and state below what you are looking for just so we have an idea..
When letting us know your color pref. or sex pref this is all it is nothing is set in stone :)
When it is your turn to pick your puppy out you may change your mind on color and sex not a problem.

If  wanting an AKC Siberian Husky With Full AKC Papers No Limits
For Breeding, studding and Show home, Pedigree and Family addition    YES     NO

If you are wanting a Wolf husky       YES      NO

Deposit is a non refundable  AND DOES GET APPLIED TO TOTAL OF YOUR PUPPY

If you place two deposits for two pups and change your mind on one only $150 of 2nd deposit will be applied to the balance on
the pup you do adopt from us the other $150 is not refundable and will not be transfered over

Male    or    Female  or     Either         and any color pref._______________________________

About yourself and anything else we may need to know.

By signing below and pages 1-3 you are accepting our policies and acknowledging all its contents entirely.

Signature required here_______________________  


Heather Finney
 P.O. BOX 795
Woodlake Ca 93286
559-799-5878 or 559-564-2433