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If  your puppy  is in our care past the pick up dates stated on the available puppy page We will either give 2nd vaccine ourselves and
worm pup or we will take your puppy into our vet and they will give him or her their 2nd set of vaccines and most likely deworm again
you will be charged a $100 vet fee  for this and you will also be charged an additional -$100.00  a week for food and care we will only
hold a puppy for you longer if we schedule and agree to do so with you. We encourage you to pick your puppy up when it is time as
most litter mates are and have already gone home and the longer the puppy stays with us the harder it is for them to leave they get
attached here so please plan to pick your puppy up when we say they are ready to go home. If we do agree to keep your puppy longer
you must pay for your puppy in full and also for 2nd vet visit and our cost as well.  If we do set up a day and time after the puppy is 8
weeks old for your pick up and you do not show up and do not contact us for reschedule we will place your puppy with a new family
and you will loose your deposit and all money applied  all together and it will not be rolled over to another litter. So please plan to pick your
puppy up on time. Pups are normally cleared to go home at 7-8 weeks old by a written letter of health clearance from our vet if they are
not cleared at 7-8 weeks old we will call you and let you know. But Please plan to pick up your puppy when they are 7-8 weeks of
age...We do post on available pup page estimated dates pups can go home if cleared by our vet.. Our huskies and there puppies mean a
great deal to us we spend a lot of money time and care on them if for any reason we do not feel comfortable with anyone about getting a
husky from us then we will not adopt to you. We do not adopt to just anyone looking for a husky or wolf husky as  They are not for
everyone. Even if you have sent us a deposit and I don't feel right later due to you moving into an apartment or just by conversation and
we feel our puppies may not be entering into a good home your deposit will be sent back to you..We have allowed adoption to families
living in an apartment under certain circumstances please call to inquire what that is about. If at anytime later I feel you have not been
honest at the time you placed a deposit with us and in extreme situations where we feel the health and welfare of the puppy you may be
adopting from us would be in danger for instance ( we find out you plan to train your husky to fight ) etc. if you plan to resale the pup
and was never intended for you or your family we will void your deposit.   You are signing and agreeing to our terms and by sending us
an approved deposit we are under the impression that this
new addition is for you and your family  only and that only you have been approved by us no one else to take on this new addition. We do
not stud our males or house anyone elses dogs for them only our own. You are more than welcome to come and visit us and our kennels
but this is our home too so please set up an appt. with us.  We do not put our home address on our web site as we do not want unwanted
visitors or just anyone showing up unannounced I will give you our address and directions over the phone when we have scheduled an
appt. We know that you are excited when a new litter is born and want to come see the new puppies but this is not always a good idea
right away as this puts a lot of stress on the mother and we do not allow you to handle the new puppies anyway's so keep that in mind
that it is best to wait a few weeks to let everyone get settled in. Also we DO NOT ALLOW anyone to handle puppies you may not ever
enter a kennel or handle pups ever. Remember these are new puppies and are not safe from diseases such as Parvo or other parasites fully
until all 4 sets of vaccines have been given I know this is hard to do but it is in the best interest of our puppies and their health we sanitize
and bleach our kennels 3-4 times a week and do everything we can to make sure they stay healthy sometimes things still happen that we
have no control over but not allowing families to come and handle pups and enter kennels is an added precaution. We do not guarantee eye
color, coat color, size or weight or coat length or that a mask will stay the same on your husky. We do not know how many puppies will
be in a litter or what colors their will be or how many males or females this is a surprise. We have had as many as 9 puppies in a litter and
as little as 1. We have had a female be mated for several days and not get pregnant so we cannot guarantee a litter will be born either even
if they were mated . We have lost puppies after they have been born too they just did not thrive or the mother laid on them we do have
still births as well. These things happen and we do not have any control over them. Our puppies are well socialized with myself and my 2
kids they get alot of love and attention. Once you have picked out your puppy we will put Adopted under there picture and take new
pictures weekly and post them under available puppy page's or email the directly to you  until you take him home.  I love getting updated
pictures and knowing how our puppies are doing in there new homes so I would greatly appreciate you keeping in contact with us. Please
do not feel like you are asking too many questions either the more you ask the more comfortable I will be about you adopting a puppy
from us. It shows me that you care and are concerned yourself.  Your puppy will be going home with a small bag of food they are eating
a toy, and there health record book given by our vet. And Akc papers if apllicable .
There are a lot of pictures and information on our web site and our facebook page so please enjoy it and if you have read this in its
entirety and are wanting to place a deposit with us please contact us first to make sure that we are accepting deposit's  and if  a
husky is right for your family..
Please send us all pages completly filled out sighned and dated. and sent too

                                                 :HEATHER FINNEY
                                                  P.O. BOX 795
                                              WOODLAKE CA 93286  
Remember your deposit and any further optional payment's applied  towards puppy after you have made a pick from a litter  is
                                                       NON REFUNDABLE NO EXCEPTIONS.
                                FILL OUT INFORMATION ON NEXT PAGE 4

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