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If for any reason your puppy develops a hereditary problem that causes them to die or may die and is crippling  Or may shorten their
normal life span..Within the
2 years of that puppies life we will replace that puppy with another one from one of our current or future
litter's the new puppy will be picked out by you as you will be put on our deposit list and it will be treated as a normal adopting process as
before. A seriouis genetic defect is one that will shorten the normal life span of a canine or one in wi
tch the canine is suffering and must be
euthanized only if a vet feels that your husky is in serious pain and nothing can be done for your husky and has to be put down. We will
only replace the puppy with another as stated No money will ever  be refunded ever and no vet bill's will be paid by us this is your
responsability in adopting a pet NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This Gaurantee Does cover Hereditary  severe crippling Hip displasia found  and
proven by your vet and X-Rays If Hip Displasia is so severe that it cripples your husky within the
2years of adopting then we will replace
your puppy with another as stated..This Gaurantee Does also Cover Hereditary  Severe Cataracts in the eyes if proven by your vet  within
the 1st year your husky is blind then we will replace your puppy with another as stated. This Gaurantee does Cover against Parvo found
by your vet ONLY WITHIN THE 1ST 3  DAYS AFTER YOU HAVE GOTTEN HIM/HER FROM US if parvo is found within the 1st 3
days we will replace puppy with another as stated. This Gaurantee does NOT COVER !!!!! ....any type of cantagious diseases, Umbilical
hernia's, inguinal hernia's or dew claw's , bacteria , viruses, parasites, protozoan, allergies or allergic reactions, parvo found after the 1st 3
business days he/she has been adopted from us, or from your puppy getting away and getting hit or in an accident, poisening , Mange,
thyroid dysfunction, or any autoimmune disorders, or an undescended testicle. We do not gaurantee our puppies for breeding meaning that
we do not gaurantee a male will ,can stud or a female will produce puppies of her own.If getting full AKC papers we are just giving you
the option of possibly showing your husky we do not gaurantee he/she can be shown or will win l titles or that he/she can produce their
own litters.If a serious genectic problem is found by a vet only we would need to be able to contact that vet and be given copies of all
findings. We would also need the puppies health records showing that all vaccines are up to date and all preventatives were given as
well.Again this gaurantee is only for 1 full year starting on the puppies birth date. Please consider that until your puppy has had all 4 sets  
of  their vaccinations your puppy is acceptable to certian illnesses exspecially parvo this is somthing that can come from anywhere no
matter the enviroment a fly can bring it. your puppy should be treated with caution and great care until your vet feels it is safe to introduce
your puppy to your friends and be taken to the park etc. treat your new addition as you would treat a new baby.Though we try to produce
the best quality huskies that we can there are still no gaurantees in life with animals or humans and such things can happen and are beyond
our control. YOUR RESPONSABILITIES IN CARING FOR YOUR NEW PET:You need to take your new puppy to see your vet for a full
health exam and fecal exam testing should include coccidia , giarrdia  within 3 businessdays of taking him home from us. And send us
proof of this within 5 business days of doing so.Your puppy needs to be given there 2nd vaccines and others at, 9  weeks old, 12 weeks,
15  weeks.Rabies at 4 months and vaccinated yearly after that. And there rabies every 3 years after that most likely.They should be
dewormed monthly and frontlined as well. Never feed table scraps to your Husky. You need to maintain a healthy balanced diet do not
bounce around dog foods find one and stick with it.Never overfeed a husky Overfeeding a husky and letting him or her get overweight  
can bring on Hip Dysplasia and also not getting enough excersize as well.Give them shade and plenty of water. Give them a secure fenced
in area that is there own to play in and to destruct and dig in if they want too. Socailize and excersize give them lots of attention and love.
Remember this is a pact breed they need must have companionship for them to be happy to thrive and to keep them out of unwanted
trouble,They must be socailaized, loved and given a lot of attention !!! they are in our care for only about 7-8 weeks and we handle and
play with them daily and do the very best we can however  their personalities mainly will come from you and your enviroment and how
you train and raise them we are not ever responsable for any destructive behavior or anything that may arrise after they leave our care
ever. Our puppies to the best of our knowledge are  leaving our home in good physical health going to a new home can be very stressful
on a puppy as well changing there diet, leaving there littermates, and there mother, vaccines, deworming medications. can all trigger
negative reactions, you should watch for lethargy, vomiting, loose stools, listlessness, or anything that seems not normal for a puppy. Your
puppy is now a new infant family member treat them as you would a newborn and take them to your vet if you feel the need too.
Remember there are a lot of cost's involved in owning a dog. And a lot of responsabiliteis. We  STRONGLY !!!! suggest getting vet animal
health Insurance.  We post when our puppies are ready to go home and we schedule day's and time for pick up so please contact your vet
let the know you are getting a new puppy and schedule an appt. with your vet...

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