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She is very well behaved. She is still a big baby. She has learned everything I taught her her the first time. "Go to your room." And "lay down." Her mask grew with her. The circle around her eyes are amazing. Her nose bars grew out with her nose too. She is everybody's best friend.
When we take her places she gets a lot of attention and loves every bit of it.
We go to my parents on the weekends and she plays with their dog until she can not run any longer. They are good friends.
Her favorite toy right now is a pink squeaky elephant. Poko, My parents dog, gave it to her.
A past pup from Saber and Kyra.
Everything else gets shredded in a short time but that elephant does not have a scratch on his body!
She enjoyed the water very much which pleased me. She can be timid with unfamiliar things. She was spooked by a new pile of wood on the front porch. She got over it. She was not timid with the water at all. She got right in before I could even take her picture.
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Here are a few pictures of our baby Nica. We love her sooo much. She is very well mannered and she loves everyone...cats and kids too. Not a mean bone in her body except a little nip on my butt when she wants to get my attention.
Nica a wolf female from Keeta and Scout
                    Nica again
Nica again
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