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Our family is doing great, as are Nikita and Nike, the littermates we bought in September. Niki and Nike, as we call them, have grown amazingly fast since last fall. Now they're huge and so pretty, like their mom. Both have enrolled in Puppy II classes. They're very smart, extremely affectionate and friendly with everyone (even the local toddlers), love to learn (for liverwurst of course), and play with us, each other, and our cats.
Every time we bring them to the park with the playground, all the kids come to pet and 'ride' them. Everyone remarks on how beautiful and sweet-natured they are. Their favorite pasttimes, besides using potpourri for chew toys, are rooting around in the yard and mud for worms, and going on long runs in the park. Though Nikita was twice as big as Nike when they were two months old, Nike has always been the alpha dog. Nike is very vocal and somewhat of an attention-hogger, and she loves to be scratched and rubbed on her stomach an ears.
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Nikita is gentler and is perfectly content chewing her bone or having small children climb all over her (as long as she can lick their faces). We plan to take them up to the Santa Cruz mountains soon and hitch them to some carts to see how they fare as sled dogs.
Past pups Nike and Nikita
past pups Nikita and Nike
Past pups Nikita and Nike
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