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I've been meaning to e-mail you with an update on Skyy- Sorry to take so long. She's doing great- growing like a weed. Her color has gone from almost pure white with apricot around her head, to having a real mask and dark reddish gray outline on her back and sides- she's gorgeous (and it's not that I'm prejudice- everyone who sees her on her walks says so too!). Our older male Stoli has finally gotten use to having his ears, nose, and tail bitten repeatedly- he growls at her, but it's more playing than serious...they're inseperable.
I'm sending some polaroid's I scanned- hopefully you can get an idea of what she looks like now. I'll try and send some more recent pictures soon- O.K.? I love your website, your dogs are so beautiful. Talk to you soon and thanks again for giving us such a gorgeous puppy!
Heidi and Don.
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Sabrina twenty-four weeks old.
Sabrina ten weeks old w/ plush.
I finally got some time to send you some pictures of Sabrina the little female puppy we bought from you in February. We have had a lot going since we brought this little female puppy home that great day in February. The first picture is of Sabrina at ten weeks old with that oy you gave her. She has a great love for stuffed animals and has at least a dozen if not more. And she knows which one she is playing with when we ask her where a certain toy is she goes and gets it. She is very intelligent.
Sabrina and Rascale.
The other two pictures are of her just three weeks ago when Dana found her and our cat Rascale who will be fifteen years old in November just watching some construction going on at the house across the street one day. Of course the cat was just sleeping but Sabrina was watching over her and the construction workers. This is one of her favorite spots in the house. Our fourteen year old dog Denali has taken over the mommy duties for Sabrina. She is teaching her how to sing, but she still sounds like the seagull in the Little Mermaid movie. She also helped to train Sabrina not to go in the house- it only took a couple of weeks to train her. Sabrina has been such a joy to us all. She is such an intelligent, funny, and happy puppy. Our older dog Denali is really starting to show signs of aging and problems she has with the tumor she has on her liver so we are so glad that we got her when we did because I believe that she has prolonged Denali's life a lot. She has had so much fun raising Sabrina and teaching her a lot of things. Thank you so much for selling us this wonderful little fur person. She is a little bigger than we thought she would be- she's all legs- but we love her tremendously. Sincerly,
Janice, Richard, Dana, Rascale (15 year old cat), Denali (14 year old mother dog), Angel (3 year old horse), and Sabrina the new member of the family.
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