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Hi Heather,
I wanted to send you more pictures and a testimonial of what a beautiful and  wonderful dog the wolf husky we got from you has become. His name is Alaska and he is now about 2 1/2 yrs. old, he was born to catori and Tundra and we love his wolley coat that he inherited from his father. He loves and respects his Pomeranian sister, Kila, loves horses, as you can see by the kiss he is lives in our giving him, loves going to the dog park and always plays very well with all other dogs, small and large and loves children, there is a young girl that ives in our neighborhood that specifically comes by just to visit him.Everywhere we go he draws a lot of attention and everyone says he is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen, even we went to Yosemite,with some of the most beautiful scenery around us in the world,several people stopped us and asked for a picture of him. We hope to be able to take him to play in the snow one of these day's and also some day see how he feels about sledding, I'm sure he will love it. He is a big loveable teddy bear and we could not be happier ! Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful breed of dog, that we are fotunate enough to adopt!
Bill & Diana Green
                                                 Pictures of Alaska are below........
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