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River and Simbas litter born on June 1 2017 She has 7 puppies 3 males and 4 females
ready for adoption July 27th through the 30th.

Current wait deposit list is posted on our facebook page and videos will be posted when pups are actively playing with each other on
facebook as well individual puppy pictures will be posted around Fathers Day weekend and updated once a week there after
Those holding a deposit with us must contact us no later than June18th. and Acknowledge this litter and let us know if you
may or may not be interested if no contact is made we will mark you passing on this litter by above date listed
Chamar male week 6 he is pretty vocal at the moment
Being adopted by the Lynch Family
Gydan male week 6 he is pretty calm and affectionate so far
Being adopted by the Tang Family
Kory male week 6 he is my favorite of the males so far very alert affectionate and
sweet boy being adopted by the Niedens family
Lena Female week 6 she is white with some cream to her coat so far
Being adopted by the Hills family
Amora  Female week 6 being adopted by the Rocha Family
Yana  Female week 6 Being adopted by the Berhenke Family
Tashay Female week 6 Being adopted by the Campbell Family